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Is now the moment to invest in the stock market?

You are invited to an exclusive online presentation by a diverse team of Portfolio Managers on Covestor. They will share with you their current market concerns, provide important new insights, and explain how it’s possible to play both offense and defense amid the recent increase in market uncertainty.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

12:00 PM EDT

The Portfolio Managers presenting at the webinar will be:
Martin Leclerc of Barrack Yard Advisors – a 30-year investment management veteran
Bill DeShurko of 401 Advisor – author of “The Naked Truth about Your Money” and a 20-year financial services veteran
David Fried of Fried Asset Management – publisher and editor of The Buyback Letter

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Just One Thing…

…an occasional departure from my usual market/economic outlook to focus on financial planning issues.

My business practice is centered on our investment strategies that we implement for our clients. Our focus is on lower risk, high dividend income stocks. And a growth strategy utilizing Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). However, coming from a decade plus of offering financial planning services, I realize that there are many other products and services that can be beneficial for a broad spectrum of investors.

With the aging of our population, a common concern that I am asked about is how to best fund potential outside assistance as we age – either from an in-home aid, senior care facility or nursing home. More and more this question is coming from my fellow “sandwich” generation peers – those of us still funding kids at home or college, and taking care of elder parent(s) at the same time.

Unfortunately too many phone calls come after the fact…as in “Mom just entered an assisted living facility, what do I do?” While there are “after the fact” steps to take, by far and away the best idea as in most things in life is to plan ahead!

For example I just found out that a client has moved into an assisted living facility. He happens to own an old annuity with substantial gains – all of which is taxable when he makes withdraws to pay for the facility. If I had known before he moved in, we could have transferred the annuity into a Qualified Long Term Care annuity and taken tax free withdraws to pay his bills. Since very little of the cost of assisted living is typically tax deductible, this could have saved my client a large amount of taxation in the coming years.

If you would like to learn more – in a non-sales environment, Michelle Prather of OneAmerica is offering a consumer oriented webinar discussing some unique products that can dramatically improve one’s financial security. I have looked at these products and feel that there are many opportunities for individuals to increase their long term security. In many cases simply by repositioning “rainy day” funds that are earning virtually nothing in savings accounts and short term CD’s today.

If you are interested in a personal plan please contact my office for an appointment. We are also looking at offering a “Lunch and Learn” presentation at our office on “Sandwich Generation Planning.” If interested please send me an email or call and we will prioritize the topic on our calendar.

You will not be contacted by anyone after viewing the webinar. If interested in more information you will need to contact my office.

Protecting Your Retirement Nest Egg

Presentation on costs of needing care and options available that most are
unaware of.

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