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Vanguard vs. T. Rowe Price 2035 Target Date Funds

November 18, 2014
Why IRAs Are Good Investments As You Climb The Corporate Ladder

January 15, 2014, quoted in article:
Dow Could Top 19,000 in 2014

December 18, 2013, quoted in article:
Gallery: Advisors’ Top 10 Investment Ideas for 2014

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August 27, 2013, quoted in article:
5 Mistakes new investors often make

April 4, 2013
Bill DeShurko’s Investing Right Now: “We’ve Got One Foot Very Near The Door”

February 25, 2015
Technicians say this bull market has room to run

December 16, 2013
S&P triple top could actually be bullish

November 22, 2013
Lessons for Investing in Bond Funds

July 31, 2013
Why individual bonds remain very attractive

June 24, 2013
Bernake speaks, and markets go wild – what next?

April 8, 2013
‘Sell in May’ Comes Early

February 11, 2013
A troubling sign from junk bonds

November 5, 2012
A decisive election should spur market rally

October 5, 2012
Why market timing matters

June 7, 2012
Time for another look at portfolio protection

March 20, 2012
Has gold run its course?

March 6, 2012
Sticking with a volatile high yielder

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Using technical points to help portfolio decisions

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Finding a hidden dividend play

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Why I sold McDonald’s to buy Intel

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These high yielders look good for 2012

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This high-yield REIT is still attractive

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Have your dividends and capital gains too

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Grow a portfolio with dividends – the smart way 

Ceros Financial Services Atlanta Conference

May 4, 2012
Panel discussion including  David Botset Sr. Vice President, Portfolio Strategist, Guggenheim Investments and Michael Cafiero of Knight Capital Group. The group will be discussing the role of ETF’s in portfolio management with a focus on controlling market volatility.

October 18, 2011
The Big Delay in your 401(k)

June 13, 2011
Saving for retirement yet?

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November 22, 2013
Don’t Fight the Bank of Japan: DeShurko

June 25,2013
A technical snap shot of current investor psychology

December 5, 2012
The transports sector is absolutely key heading into 2013

November 15, 2012
You have to manage your risk

July 2012
Interviewed by Mike Tarsala
DeShurko: Now is not the time to add new positions

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April 27, 2012
Where fundamentals and technicals meet
Article profiling me and my investment style.

April 10, 2012
Beware Sofia Vergara-like stocks
By Michael Tarsala

March 20-21, 2012
I’m a panelist for an online investing conference Next Invest.
The importance of investment strategy for long term investing success.

June 10, 2011
QE3 more likely now, so this market could swing sharply either way

April 7, 2011
Bill DeShurko on investing for income – News@7 interview

April 5, 2011
Four high dividend stocks Bill DeShurko is buying

February 2, 2011
Investing for Income

May 22, 2011
‘Speed Bumps’ Clutter Copper’s Trading Landscape

June 5, 2007
The Unvarnished Truth About Savings

June 7, 2011
Citizen Investor – Current Outlook

Index of blogs on

Men’s Health

7 Money tricks rich guys know

Do I really need to have life insurance? is a subscription site, please contact Bill if you would like a copy of any article.

No Need to Worry: Positive Trends Remain in Place

Mixed Signals: What Are the Bond and Stock Markets Telling Us?

Can The Market Rally Continue?

Market in Perspective

Is There Value Left in Low-Beta Market Sectors?

Sell in May Looks Pretty Good so Far
may-31-2012 I review several of the indicators that I follow in making our investment decisions.

EDITOR’S CHOICE:   Europe Undercuts the U.S. Rally
november-3-2011 A positive GDP report and the possibility of a European bailout sparked a nice October bounce, but several charts hinted that the rally lacked legs. Here’s what you should be watching now.

Can the Rally be Trusted?
october-20-2011 A look at the market’s trading range and where it might be going.

Recession Bound: 4 Bear Market Indicators
august-15-2011A look back at bull and bear markets shows that the kind of volatility we experienced last week is most common during bear markets. While we expect a short term bounce, be very careful about buying into this market.

Ex-Debt, the Market is Looking good for the Short Term
july-28-2011Despite all the debt talk, earnings and the Euro are what’s driving this market. So far, earnings are strong, and once we have a debt deal, we should have a good year end. Long term, however, we face multiple headwinds.

Are the Markets Bottoming, Bouncing, or Collapsing?
june-23-2011The technicals do not look good as trend lines approach the 200-day moving average. There are a few positives to note, but prudent investors may want to sit on the sidelines for a few weeks and watch from afar.

Summer Slowdown or New Bear Market?
june-9-2011Technical trouble started in May. While five weeks of lower highs does not a trend make, other indicators lead this advisor to suspect that we are headed for a summer downturn. Here are some indicators to watch.

A New Way to Play ‘Go Away in May’
may-19-2011 A high/low-beta ETF strategy could help you and your clients offset the seasonal effects of the market. With just two paired trades a year, you could outperform cash without adjusting the core asset allocation. Best of all, it demonstrates to clients you’re worth your fees even in down markets.

What Will Spark a Rally Post QE2?
mar-10-2011 Stock markets rise on cash. The current market rally is presumably fueled by the Fed’s latest round of quantitative easing, but once QE2 ends, what will propel the market forward? Our technical analyst looks at possible cash sources and offers some ideas for protecting clients’ assets in the event of a market selloff.

Gold: Time to Buy or Bail?
jan-27-2011 QE2 hasn’t been kind to gold. Investors are rotating out into other inflation hedges that are performing better. But it’s only a temporary move. You’ll be back.

A Strategy for Locking In Long-Term Gains
jan-20-2011 The negative performance of the markets over the last decade worries some clients who have become increasingly dissatisfied with passive investing. One solution may be to supplement a buy-and-hold strategy with stop-loss orders. It’s a risk management technique that is easy to implement and adds to your value.

Is a Santa Rally Coming to Town?
dec-2-2010 Micro trends favor a stock market rally, while macro trends indicate trouble ahead. We may indeed enjoy an end-of-the-year rally, but a few good hedges could protect your holidays. Here’s what fundamental and technical analysis is telling us.

5 Strategies to Protect Gains
oct-21-2010 So far, the rally continues. But given the nature of the economy, it makes sense to put strategies in place to lock in gains.

4 Reasons for Cautious Market Optimism
oct-7-2010 The yield curve, stress index, and 200-day moving average are looking fairly positive and offer some good news as we head into year end. There are caveats, of course, and an election—but confidence may be slowly returning to the market.

We’ve Probably Seen the Lows
sep-16-2010 With markets bouncing against resistance levels, correlations coming down, and commodities returning to pre-recession levels, there is a good chance the markets won’t go any lower for the next six months. A review of these charts can help you see the big picture.

Is It Time to Buy Gold?
aug-26-2010 It’s hard to miss all the ads for buying gold—especially when the metal is touted as the only way to preserve wealth from whatever global calamity is coming next. But before you allocate important resources to this asset class, let’s take a look at the fundamentals, shedding a rational light on gold’s value in the investment portfolio.

How I Survived an IRS Audit
aug-23-2010 If you are with an independent broker-dealer, you have probably had several compliance audits. Or maybe as an independent RIA, you have been audited by either the SEC or your state securities office. But what about the dreaded IRS audit? How is it different, and what measures can you (and your clients) take to prevent one?

Double Dip or Muddle Through?
aug-5-2010 Strong earnings buoyed the market in July, but the earnings season is coming to a close, and the soft second quarter GDP estimate could push the market down to prior lows. There is a chance, however, that the economy could hang on for a rare but profitable summer rally. A couple of indicators offer some clues.

Trend Watching: Are Bulls or Bears Powering the Market?
jul-29-2010 June and early July economic data hint at a slowing economy. However, we’ve had a good couple of weeks of earnings reports. Not surprisingly, the conflicting data offer no clear direction. Maybe the charts can help us divine whether the bulls or bears are gaining the upper hand.

When Fundamentals and Technicals Agree—Watch Out!
jul-8-2010 It’s a strong sell (or buy) signal when both fundamental and technical analysis agree. Unfortunately, both schools of thought now indicate a down market ahead. Pay attention to third-quarter guidance in the weeks ahead.

Correction or Crash Imminent?
jun-30-2010 Market sentiment has changed dramatically over the past several weeks. The S&P 500 has gone from a year-to-date gain of about 8.4% to a YTD loss of about 7%. Is this the beginning of another meltdown like October 2007 or just a normal correction after a nearly yearlong bull run?

Moving Averages: How to Decipher Current Trends
jun-10-2010 The 200-day simple moving average can help you determine what the trend of the market is, especially when it’s coupled with some fundamental analysis. An advisor looks at recent developments and notes that although bears have the edge, bullish trends are also in play.

Spotting Investment Trends in the Latest GDP Report
may-6-2010 Overall first quarter economic data was relatively strong, but cracks are beginning to show in the individual components of the GDP. Whether this recovery is sustainable or not depends on job growth, and until the numbers come in, be prepared for an increase in market volatility.

When to Play Market Offense or Defense
apr-29-2010 Here’s a spreadsheet one advisor uses to review economic trends and position client portfolios. Given all the recent good news, he’s optimistic about the short and near term, but wary enough to hedge his positions.

Managing the Armchair Quarterback
apr-15-2010 We’ve all faced this uncomfortable situation: A client comes in and points out one or more investments that did far better than anything you bought for their portfolio. Bring out the charts, comparisons, and big picture to manage their expectations, and turn an uncomfortable situation into a referral opportunity.

Hedged Income: An Alternative Strategy for Uncertain Markets
mar-11-2010 Market volatility could drive your income clients to the shelter of a low-paying CD or variable annuity. While both have their charm, they limit your options in adding value. One way to combat the fear and add value is to hedge clients’ income with high-yield and short ETFs.

What SPY, GLD, and GSG Can Tell You About Market Direction
feb-25-2010 A close look at the charts of the S&P 500, gold, and commodities ETFs can help you decide what to invest in next and when to remove any shorts.

Use GDP to Extrapolate the Market’s Direction
feb-4-2010 The fourth-quarter GDP report was explosive, and confirmed that the S&P 500 is 30% undervalued. However, the market can stay undervalued for a long, long time. There are two confirming indicators that can help you decide when it’s safe to jump back into equities—and when it’s prudent to stay out.

Will a Santa Claus Rally Come to Town?
dec-17-2009 We’ve all been good, so here’s hoping the year ends with a rally. But even if it doesn’t, take steps now to lock in any gains.

How I Learned to Love the Falling Dollar
nov-19-2009 Worry about the dollar is overrated, says one advisor. With the consumer down for the count, we need a nongovernmental GDP component to drive this market. A strong rise in exports—driven by a low dollar—will signal that this market cycle has turned, and we can get back in the market for the long term.

Rush vs. Obama: What GDP Means for Client Portfolios
nov-5-2009 Separating politics from the economy can be difficult with media trumpeting one partisan view or another. However, as advisors, we must strive for objectivity, analyze the data available, and navigate these markets. Here’s what the most recent GDP data is telling one advisor and how he adjusted his portfolios accordingly.

Rally or Rout? Dig Into the GDP for Clues on Where the Market Is Headed 
oct-22-2009 If you want to know what to do with client portfolios for the next 12 months, take a deeper look at the upcoming GDP report. A couple of numbers will tell you whether we are heading toward 1,450 on the S&P 500—or for a major correction.

Markets and Dieting: Charting Your Way to a Fit Portfolio
oct-8-2009 There’s a lot of similarity between the market’s recovery and dieting. In both arenas, progress hits support and resistance levels as motivation rallies and wanes. Charting these changes helps you tap into the underlying psychology of the market and quickly gauge whether you have a hungry bear on your hands—or an energetic bull.

The September Jinx Is Hugely Overrated
sep-17-2009 Convention says that September and October are jinxed, but a look at monthly returns for the past 14 years shows that sitting out September could be bad for your wealth.

Buy in November…?
nov-10-2008 One strain of popular Wall Street wisdom says, “Sell in May and buy in November” if you want to realize most of the stock market gains and eliminate much of the risk. This adage may hold up statistically, but clients may not be willing to go to cash for half a year. Here is another way to take advantage of these kinds of seasonal effects.

4 Ways to Start Actively Managing Clients’ Accounts
oct-6-2008 Downward-trending markets mean you have a tough job ahead of you. Your clients expect you to hold on to their capital and make them a little money where you can. Buy-and-hold won’t help you much. Demonstrate to clients that you can manage these kinds of markets by adding some elements of active management.

Active Management + Asset Allocation = Better Investment Management?
may-8-2008 Managing money is difficult, and there are few either/or answers. So why the debate over active management? It can peacefully coexist with traditional portfolios for advisors willing to explore new solutions.

Strategy for Fighting Market Drops 
mar-5-2008 Your clients pay you to invest their money. So how do you handicap a market like this? Should your clients’ portfolios represent your thinking of where the markets are headed? Here’s how one advisor tackles the issue of staying in the game and fighting to stay ahead.

Good Performance: The 1% Solution to Growing AUM
feb-5-2008 Investment performance matters. It matters to the money managers. It matters to your firm. And, despite conventional wisdom, it matters to your clients. If you really want to grow your business, improve your performance by 1%.

Baltimore Sun

June 10, 2007
Attitude called problem in saving

June 6, 2007
The truth about savings

June 5, 2001
The Unvarnished Truth About Savings


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