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Tax Strategies for Retirement

In this episode, Jim Kilgore CFP® discusses some strategies to reduce and in some cases eliminate taxes in retirement. #cfp #retirement #taxplanning

Where Do We Go From Here

In this episode, Jim Kilgore CFP® discusses what’s going on in the market and the traditional 60/40 portfolio.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Annuities

In this episode, Jim Kilgore CFP® discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly of annuities and what you should look out for when a product salesman is trying to push an annuity into your financial life.

Retirement Income Maximization

In this episode, Jim Kilgore CFP® discusses ways to maximize your retirement income and the strategies and tools we use at 401 Advisor to give you the absolute best options when spending your retirement savings.

Surviving A Bear Attack

In this episode, Jim Kilgore CFP® discusses how to survive a bear attack!  Not an actual bear attack by a grizzly or black bear but one involving the stock market.  Working with a financial planner often involves them helping you navigate the emotional ups and downs of at least a couple of bear markets.


Getting to The Zero Percent Tax Bracket In Retirement

In this episode, Jim Kilgore CFP® discusses whether or not it is possible to be in the zero percent tax bracket in retirement, and if so how to do it. 

Why You Should Want A Fiduciary

In this episode, Jim Kilgore CFP® walks through what a fiduciary advisor’s requirements are and why it is important for you to know the difference between the fiduciary standards and that of non-fiduciaries.

Social Security-Your Most Important Decision

In this episode Jim Kilgore CFP® talks about how your Social Security claiming strategy can and will have a significant impact on your benefits during your retirement and just how important the decision really is.

A Tax Bomb Awaits You

In this episode, Jim Kilgore Certified Financial Planning Professional with 401 Advisor talks about the tax bomb waiting for most retirees when they retire.  Jim goes through some steps you can take to avoid this tax bomb. #CFP #taxplanning #financialplanning

What Is Financial Planning Anyway

Today I am expanding on last week’s podcast by talking about what financial planning is and how it can help you reach your financial goals.  Rather than just walk through a list of what financial planning is, I’d like to dive into some specific examples of ways financial planning saved the client’s money and how the fee paid was way less than the savings gained in the process. • 937.434.1790

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