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At 401 Advisor, LLC our Broker/Dealer is Ceros Financial Services, whose main office is located in Germany. I received their monthly newsletter in today’s mail and thought I’d pass a part of it along. With all the political in-fighting dominating our US news, I thought it was interesting what Europeans are concerned about.

How many of these events were you even aware of?


Selection of global news events 2018

31 August 2018 –  Islamist motivated knife attack in Amsterdam, 2 seriously injured,
the Afghan perpetrator arrived via Germany
2 September 2018 –  British Prime Minister May prepares England for a hard Brexit,
there will be no second Brexit vote.
4 September 2018 – Typhoon ‘Jebi’ with wind speeds of over 200 km/h meets Japan
6 September 2018 – 7.8 magnitude earthquake in the Pacific Ocean
Assassination (knife attack) on the conservative Brazilian presidential candidate
Jair Bolsonaro
7 September 2018 – «Syria Summit» in Iran with Turkey and Russia
9 September 2018 – Stalemate following parliamentary elections in Sweden
Knife attack in Paris, perpetrator is Afghan
12 September 2018 – EU Parliament launches sanctions proceedings against Hungary

22 September 2018 – Islamist attack on a military parade in Iran with many dead
25 September 2018 – Merkel’s most important supporter, Volker Kauder, is voted out of office by the CDU/CSU parliamentary group as leader of the parliamentary group.
28 September 2018 – Tsunami in Indonesia, triggered by a severe earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale off the Sulawesi coast
30 September 2018 – USA and Canada agree on new free trade agreement
6 October 2018 – Donald Trump’s conservative candidate for Supreme Court,
Brett Kavanaugh, is confirmed by the US Senate
5.9 magnitude earthquake in Haiti
7 October 2018 – Conservative candidate Jair Bolsonaro wins the first round
of presidential elections in Brazil
14 October 2018 – Bavarian state elections, Christian Social Union (CSU) were handed their worst result since 1954

Why does it matter? Many market observers feel that one of the more likely scenarios that could cause a major market sell-off in the US would be a financial crisis emanating from Europe. If all your news is US-centric, you may want to broaden your reading list!

And a final thought from the legendary investor, Benjamin Graham:

What’s needed first is a definite rule for purchasing which indicates a priori that you’re acquiring stocks for less than they’re worth. Second… you need a very definite guideline for selling.

What are your rules and guidelines?

Happy investing.

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