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Below are a list of questions I recently answered for readers of http://www.Investopedia.com


William DeShurko

Centerville, OH


What assets should I sell- a home valued at $380,000 or $300,000 in fixed rate annuities- to pay for my elderly mother’s end-of-life care?
Sell the annuities. Any gain will be taxed to your mother. Assuming her tax rate is less than yours. Check with your tax advisor on what medical expenses may be deductible… Read More
What are the risks of including closed-end funds in my portfolio as a retiree?
Because it is so easy to buy investments, investors tend to overlook the sell side. Many CEF’s are very thinly traded. If you were to try and sell during a… Read More
Is investing in stocks with quarterly or monthly dividends a good strategy for saving for retirement?
Brilliant! Dilly-Dilly! Yes! Younger investors tend to forego dividend stocks for the sexier hot growth stocks. But dividends compound, growth doesn’t. By reinvesting your dividends, they buy more shares, which… Read More
Can I stop a private company from buying back stock that I inherited from my grandfather before he died?
Lots of unanswered questions here. Was your Grandfather an owner or partner in the firm? If so there could be a “buy/sell” agreement in place. This would state that at your… Read More
I have $850,000 in retirement savings and a remaining mortgage of $380,000; should I stop contributing to my four retirement accounts and pay down my mortgage?
If your mortgage is a fixed rate I would say “No”. If so, going forward your payment is fixed. The rent from your buildings should increase which will give you… Read More

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