Investopedia Q & A

Below are some questions and answers that I received on this past week. Links are provided to the full answer.

Why aren’t there advisor fee structures that are more fair to the client?
There are two answers to your question. First, perfomance based fees are prohibited except for accredited investors by the SEC. While there are several categories of accredited investors, like institutions… Read More
Are bond funds a good investment choice for the risk averse?
Understand a couple things about bonds: the market value of a bond will fluctuate with interest rates – value goes down when interest rates go up, and vice a versa…. Read More
Should I consider investing in Target Date Funds with later target dates?
In my opinion target date funds are not a good choice. Once you get out past 20 years for the target date these funds are nearly 100% in stocks. I… Read More


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