I am unabashedly biased. I have thought since the beginning that 70% of the entire ECB concept was flawed…and 99.9% of the actual implementation. Here in the U. S. those of us that live in fly-over country bristle enough when Americans and mostly elected  Americans, in America (Washington DC), feel the need to control our lives. Imagine instead if all of Washington’s rules and regulations instead were handed down from a non-elected group of non-Americans, residing in Quebec or Mexico City. That’s the ECB.

For investors in the U. S. this really is a non event…except it probably strikes a little more fear in the hearts of the anti-Trump group, that his rhetoric my be hitting home in a similar fashion as Brexit was supported by the non-elite, non-financial, -non-traditional politicians in England.

Short term the markets may be more volatile. This is a case of volatility literally feeding volatility. Many trading algorithms are partly based on trading on volatility. The more volatile the market the more the algorithms are programmed to sell. Which triggers more selling. It has been heartening to see fairly stable markets today. 3% drop isn’t fun, but it has happened for far less dramatic events in the past.

At 401 Advisor, LLC we are mostly invested, but for new clients or new monies that have transferred in recently, we used this morning as a buying opportunity. I’d actually hoped for a bigger “opportunity”, but we picked up a few shares cheaper than they were yesterday.

I wrote for article on investing during volatile times that appeared Wednesday at Kiplinger’s web site.

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