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Heading into the weekend the markets have been a little shaky over soft economic news from China and apprehension over the Crimea vote this weekend.

Warren Buffet says – don’t sell stocks over either concern. For now I agree. Probably good advice to not look at your 401(k) statements next week, but anything negative should be short term.

Why does Crimea/Russia/Ukraine matter and why you should care? Despite the U. S. administration’s stance that military invasions are so 20th century and unbecoming of a 21st century leader, the reality is that there are many geographic hot spots in the world of today and tomorrow. Whether over oil or just as likely in the future; water there will very likely be other countries that will want to expand their territories. Letting one country (Russia) get away with it because no one is willing to intervene is an alarming precedent. I’m not saying there is a good solution, but I’m just hoping that allowing Russia to claim Crimea from a sovereign country (Ukraine) is not the first domino.

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